MWC 2018


Our programming at MWC 2018 will cover the critical issues driving the industry towards 5G and virtualized networks, as well as the continuing integration of IoT and much more.

Filming at MWC 2018:

  • 5G Series Episodes
  • NFV Series Episodes
  • IoT Series Episodes
  • Custom Video Panels
  • Executive Interviews
  • Product / Service Demos
  • Booth Shoots
To participate in any of our programming, email John Jacobs or call him at +1.703.907.7747.

Program topics include:

  • Edge is The New Cloud
    • Centralized or decentralized? That is the question. How do we create a network that will need many different operating structures built atop a single architecture? How will we use virtualization to make that architecture flexible enough to manage everything from the cloud to fog to the edge?
  • AI at The Edge
    • Chip makers are creating AI-specific silicon. How do you build a platform upon that technology to provide AI value at the edge? TIA NOW explores the components necessary to create AI at the edge.
  • Convincing Enterprise to Implement Blockchain
    • What do your customers understand about blockchain? Are their expectations for blockchain transformation realistic? Let TIA NOW drive the conversation beyond the weaknesses of blockchain to build solid use cases.
  • The Roadmap to Extreme Scale Edge
    • Are we ready to support the network edge at an extreme scale? How do we get there and what capabilities will this provide? TIA NOW explores the technology roadmap for an edge compute-heavy network?
  • Defining Class A hardware for the NFVi; it's time to differentiate.
    • Are your customers unclear about your product's ability to deliver virtualization? How do they know if your products can deliver what you promise? The path forward may be to create a system of classification for your equipment and services to help your customers better understand your products. TIA NOW will host this discussion with service providers and their supply chain partners to explore the dynamic from both sides.
  • 5G Infrastructure and Apps: Building Now for the Future
    • What building blocks need to be in place now to build a robust 5G network? This conversation will focus on infrastructure and apps to define the necessary planning and what needs to be in place now. TIA NOW will bring a service provider's perspective to the conversation about the infrastructure of the future.
  • Evolution of the Data Center
    • Is your data center ready for scale? What are critical requirements and how do you build an intelligent integration between traditional data centers and micro-data centers at the edge? TIA NOW explores the evolution of the data center.
  • Speeding Up Network Densification
    • The road to a modern radio network relies upon a vast deployment of small cells. How do you solve the deployment speed problem? Are there technology answers or other ways to deliver the needed volume of small cells without bureaucratic headaches? TIA NOW leads the conversation on competitiveness, education and existing models of Smart Communities.
  • Lessons Learned from 5G and The 2018 Olympics
    • South Korea is all-in on delivering a 5G trial during the Olympics, and there will be much to learn from their efforts. Join TIA NOW to discuss the critical issues and takeaways from this very public R&D project.
  • The Societal Impact of 5G
    • Are service providers prepared for the societal impact of 5G or is it just hype? What are the user benefits of 5G and when can we expect deployment? Join TIA NOW to discuss to 5G and its potential impact on society.
  • Should Every IoT Device Be Updatable?
    • As device margins shrink, will it be necessary to build standard communication protocols into everyday objects to facilitate IoT? How will security concerns affect IoT implementation? TIA NOW looks at the realities and challenges of IoT development and deployment.
  • Driving While Connected
    • How does the potential of CV compare to owner's expectations? What is 60MPH connectivity, and how will it work? Join TIA NOW for a discussion about the technology infrastructure of Connected Vehicles.
  • What's New in 5G
    • What is standing in the way of 5G innovation? How do you deliver your customer's next-gen demands pre-standardization? What performance metrics will be needed in wireless and wireline 5G? TIA NOW explores new technologies in 5G.

Videos from MWC 2017:

  • Just prior to MWC 2017, Verizon announced 11 fixed wireless market customer trials with pre-commercial equipment. One of these customer trials is with Samsung Networks, who brings four components to the trials: CPE, access units, the core and the chips that rounds out the end-to-end solution with Verizon.

  • Vinay Kanitkar, CTO at Akamai, tells TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about the functions of a content delivery network (CDN) and its impact on latency challenges around the globe, on this segment from MWC 2017.

  • Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO of Ericsson, speaks with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad at MWC 2017 about the importance of attracting other industries and collaborating with academia to improve 5G performance.

  • Alon Segal, CTO at Telit, talks about how edge computing supports IoT use cases, specifically in the Industrial IoT space, on his segment from MWC 2017.

  • As the telco industry is going through significant transformation in automation and network virtualization, service assurance and real-time analytics play an important role. Here at Mobile World Congress 2017, TIA NOW speaks with two important figures in the communications networking space: Andre Fuetsch, President of AT&T Labs and CTO of AT&T and Philippe Morin, COO at EXFO.

  • Brian Higgins, VP and GM of Exponent, a Verizon company, talks to TIA NOW from MWC 2017 about their new initiative to help carriers around the world get quicker to market and become more robust with the biggest issues facing them: Big Data, AI, IoT, Media Services and more.

  • Brendan Gibbs, VP and GM of Service Provider Network Platforms at Cisco, spoke with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about automation and virtualization in network infrastructure, to help keep costs down for service providers and in turn for consumers.

  • Mike Marcellin, CMO at Juniper Networks, tells TIA NOW how industry can propel 5G and IoT beyond digital transformation and keep the network secure. Marcellin says digital cohesion is the next step for Juniper Networks.

  • Scott Puopolo, EVP at iconectiv, spoke with TIA NOWs Abe Nejad at MWC 2017 about the implications of identity fraud for carriers and what they can do to leverage iconectiv’s expertise to protect connectivity and data.

  • As new business models around NFV increase, operators are no longer managing a handful of innovations - but now managing dozens of technologies that support NFV. In comes the independent systems integrator, to marry these innovations with operators to customize and create a robust NFV solution.

  • Kevin Shatzkamer, VP of Service Provider Solutions and Strategy at Dell EMC speaks with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about his new role, which includes areas like strategy and architectural evolution at the intersection points of network technologies, virtual platforms and software programmability.

  • Can we make the Wild West of IoT secure and interoperable? TIA NOW convenes a panel of participants from the TIA CTO Council meeting to discuss.

  • Wireless carriers are moving beyond cellular connectivity, and industry is innovating beyond traditional technologies, all to support IoT and emerging verticals. At Mobile World Congress 2017, TIA NOW speaks with important industry influencers: Brent Hodges, Head of IoT Planning and Product Strategy at Dell EMC; Bill Morelli, Senior Research Director for Enterprise and IT at IHS and Mo Nasser, GM of IoT Business Unit at Sprint.

  • Supporting 5G will involve innovative technologies, and Nokia with Sprint has made an announcement that will contribute to that goal, here at MWC 2017. Here to cover the highlights of this announcement are Günther Ottendorfer, COO of Technology at Sprint and Ricky Corker, EVP and Head of North America at Nokia.

  • GENBAND CEO David Walsh discusses how RTC can give carriers an edge.


All MWC 2018 Videos:

  • The impact of 5G, automotive, industrial IoT, blockchain and network virtualization on telcos and enterprises will be top of mind at MWC 2018 in Barcelona this year. TIA NOW coverage @ MWC 2018 will bring your company executives together with ecosystem partners and prospective clients to discuss the opportunities and challenges behind these critical technologies and more.