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  • TIANOW-TIA2014bobdix-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014bobdix_420x237.jpg

    The State of Play for Cybersecurity

    What is the state of play for Cybersecurity and what's the next generation of threats? Join TIA NOW at TIA 2014 as they speak with Bob Dix, VP of Global Government Affairs & Public Policy at Juniper Networks. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-DCBeat050714-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcbeat050714_420x237.jpg

    DC Beat: Net Neutrality and Spectrum 2014

    TIA’s Vice President & General Counsel, Government Affairs, Danielle Coffey talks to TIA NOW about the current "state of play” in the tech sector. Topics include: net neutrality, broadband reclassification, paid prioritization of broadband speeds, unlicensed vs licensed spectrum and spectrum bidding caps. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-DCbeat21014-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcbeat21014_420x237.jpg

    Telecom in 2014

    It’s time again for the release of TIA’s Innovation Agenda. This years agenda will focus on the drivers for innovation like broadband, spectrum, trade and much more. Join TIA NOW as the talk with TIA’s VP and General Counsel of Government Affairs at TIA about this years innovation agenda. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-DCBeat021014-v2-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcbeat021014_v2_420x237.jpg

    TIA's 15th Annual Spring Policy Summit 2014

    It's time once again for TIA's annual Spring Policy Summit in Cambridge, MD on April 11th-13th. The 15th annual SPS event will host industry and government to find solutions and create thought leadership. Topics will include trade, spectrum and the Internet of Things. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeat080813-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcbeat080813_420x237.jpg

    TIA Trade, Legislative and Regulatory Policy Update

    TIA NOW speaks with TIA's policy directors about policy issues including trade, spectrum, FCC nominations, cybersecurity and immigration. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeat061913-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcbeat061913_420x237.jpg

    Executive Orders and Congress

    What can we expect from Congress over the next two weeks? From the spectrum sharing executive order to the nomination hearing for new FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, TIA NOW will stay on top of the latest ICT topics. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • dcbeat-32513-thumbnail.png - dcbeat_32513_thumbnail.png

    Innovation Agenda 2013

    TIA's innovation agenda for 2013 helps guide the ICT industry for the coming year with trends, technology and policy. TIA's VP of Government Affairs, Danielle Coffey, gives the latest from the Hill on immigration, spectrum auctions, cyber developments, public safety and TIA's annual Spring Policy Summit on April 19-21st in Cambridge, MD. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-atanov292012-420x237.jpg - tianowatanov292012420x237.jpg

    How Does M2M Apply to my Business?

    The M2M ecosystem is growing as industry stakeholders recognize the need to broaden their market segments to encourage new revenue streams. The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of exploring new opportunities in the M2M space to increase profitability, reduce OPEX and improve customer experience and service. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-tiaoutlooknov282012-420x237.jpg - tianowtiaoutlooknov282012420x237.jpg

    TIA's Outlook 2013

    2012 has been a busy year on many fronts in the ICT sector and TIA NOW always tries to catch the brightest luminaries in the industry to recap the year and what’s ahead. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeatnov142012-420x237.jpg - tianowdcbeatnov142012420x237.jpg

    USITO's US-China ICT Roundtable

    The inaugural US-China ICT roundtable event hosted by the United States Information Technology Office (USITO) is an important step to converging two of the leading nations in ICT technology. Join TIA NOW as they speak with Matt Roberts, Managing Director of USITO. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • dcbeat-aug31.png - dcbeataug31.png

    2012 U.S. Elections and Tech

    How will the telecom industry react to the outcome of the 2012 presidential elections on November 6th? Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeataug30-420x237.jpg - tianowdcbeataug30420x237.jpg

    Spectrum Boom!

    Spectrum auctions are in the news headlines but we in the industry know that the reallocation of spectrum bands via spectrum auctions will not be enough to sustain the growth of bandwidth requirements over the next few years. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeatjuly25-420x237.jpg - tianowdcbeatjuly25420x237.jpg

    U.S. Cybersecurity Act and the Global ICT Industry

    A cybersecurity bill has been on the cutting room floor for months, but can Congress get something signed before summer's out? Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeatmay23-420x237.jpg - tianowdcbeatmay23420x237.jpg

    ICT 2012 Forecast on Capitol Hill

    In the midst of all the work going into TIA’s 2012 event, Inside the Network, and no shortage of issues to face on the Hill, TIA NOW has the opportunity to visit with our own Danielle Coffey, Vice President of Government Affairs at TIA, to discuss what's in store for ICT policy. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIANOW-ruppersberger-420x237.jpg - tianowruppersberger420x237.jpg

    Congressman Ruppersberger on Cybersecurity Bill

    Representative Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, spoke at the TIA Cybersecurity Breakfast on Wednesday, April 26, to discuss the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeatapr11-420x237.jpg - tianowdcbeatapr11420x237.jpg

    Broadband Access or Broadband Literacy: Which Is The Problem?

    The Connect to Compete initiative is garnering a lot of attention and key industry stakeholders are joining the effort. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIA-online-dcbeatapr12-286x161.jpg - tiaonlinedcbeatapr12286x161.jpg

    TIA 2012 Spring Policy Summit

    Spectrum, updating the Telecom Act and telecom's international outlook are all big ticket items that will be discussed at TIA's 2012 Spring Policy Summit. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • TIANOW-dcbeatmar30-420x237.png - tianowdcbeatmar30420x237.png

    Microsoft is Behind the Connect to Compete Initiative

    Tony Franklin, Program Manager for Microsoft’s Partners in Learning, is here to give his insight into an initiative that could soon turn the tide of broadband adoption for the better. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • dcbeat-commercedept-mar13.jpg-dcbeat-commercedept-mar13.jpg

    U.S. Department of Commerce Takes Measures to Protect American Businesses

    As global commerce becomes more competitive every day, the U.S. Department of Commerce takes swift steps to protect American businesses. Bryan Erwin was selected by the Obama Administration to serve as the Director of the International Trade Administration’s Advocacy Center. Bryan is responsible for coordinating U.S. Government resources and authority in order to level the playing field on behalf of U.S. businesses and the center also creates and retains U.S. jobs through exports. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • dcbeat-usf-mar5-420px.jpg - dcbeat-usf-mar5-420px.jpg

    USF Reform: Who's In, Who's Out?

    Reality is setting in for industry stakeholders about USF reform and what their role will be in the shake up. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago