Network of the Future Documentary Series


The Virtualization Revolution: NFV Unleashed



Part 1 - M2M and IoT

Part 1 - M2M and IoT: Brace for Impact

A revolution is underway. Machine-to-machine communications and the “Internet of Things” will soon automate and connect nearly every device on the planet, making our world as we know it a thing of the past. But will all of those devices overwhelm the network? Watch now >>

Part 2 - Broadband Capacity

Part 2 - Broadband Capacity: Are We Ready?

From Gigabit Cities to National Broadband Networks, innovators continue to move the needle towards new broadband technologies. But has the discussion moved away from the long awaited voluntary incentive auctions of spectrum and more towards cutting edge technologies that one day could make our communications systems move faster than the speed of light? Watch now >>

Part 3 - Software-Defined Networking SDN

Part 3 - Break the Restraints: Uncovering Software-Defined Networking

The software-defined networking movement is here. So what will our world look like when we are SDN enabled? The Network of the Future will soon be virtualized as changing cloud architectures and growing business needs require a flexible network environment. But how will industry gain a competitive advantage with SDN? How will the impact of SDN on the network change the way we do business? Watch now >>

Part 4 - Cloud Computing

Part 4 - The Cloud: Building in Mid-Air

Converged infrastructures and shared services are at the foundation of cloud computing. Big data, virtual networks and software defined networking will take over water cooler conversations in the tech sector for years to come. Can the network be the bedrock of the Cloud or will market demand and OTT provider services be too formidable for the telco community? Watch now >>

Part 5 - Value Chain

Part 5 - The Value Chain: Building Value in the Chain

No matter where you are in the supply chain of the ICT industry, collaboration between your suppliers and customers increasingly dictates the success of your new products and services. The value chain is changing with each cycle, from chip maker to end user and everybody in between. So how does increased collaboration help strengthen your company's position in the marketplace? What is driving a more communicative value chain towards multi-vendor systems and increased demand for heterogeneous technologies and applications? Watch now >>

Part 6 - The Virtualization Revolution: NFV Unleashed

Part 6 - The Virtualization Revolution: NFV Unleashed

The explosive growth of internet traffic has disrupted the technology industry, threatening to clog telecom networks… unless a new, scalable approach is implemented. This documentary explores the evolution of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the hurdles faced when switching from infrastructure-heavy, legacy networks to virtualized networks. Industry leaders and experts also uncover the benefits and use cases behind the transition from hardware-based networks to software-driven ones, making NFV a reality for network operators. Watch now >>

Part 7 - IoT: Connecting It All

Part 7 - The Internet of Things: Connecting It All

This documentary on IoT explores the obstacles that the communications ecosystem faces in the race to 20-30 billion connected devices. How are companies dealing with security, scale, cost and the fractured nature of the current IoT landscape? How will businesses leverage the power of data analytics, when not all data is valuable? And how will 5G and standards play a role in the IoT revolution? Through a series of in-depth conversations, this documentary tackles many essential IoT issues, such as the dynamic nature of wireless networks, radical changes to product development and support, threats posed by cyberattacks, costs and savings associated with IoT projects and more. Watch now >>

Part 8 - Navigating the Path to 5G (coming soon)

Innovations for next generation wireless technologies are crucial to keep pace with the accelerated demands for Big Data, Cloud technologies and more nimble communications networks. The global push for a fifth generation wireless network is well underway but the technology and economic concerns are still unclear. Verticals like mobile healthcare, intelligent transportation and mobile video will be affected by what type of network is deployed in the next five years. So will 5G technologies support new applications, high data rates, lower latency and greater power efficiencies for the future of our network? Learn More >>

Part 9 - The Data Center Heart of the Industry (coming soon)

The Network of the Future is complex, decentralized and can hinder industry’s ability to launch products and services in the cloud. Data center topologies, energy and bandwidth requirements, as well as software-driven technologies, are integral to a future-ready data center. Learn More >>

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