Featured Events: CTO Council Roundtable & Dell World 2013

NFV and Spectrum Takes Over
CTO Council Roundtable Discussion

New NFV technologies, security issues and spectrum sharing capabilities are all topics that CTOs and CIOs are discussing and debating. TIA's CTO Council Roundtable 2013 in Austin, TX included all of these topics and more. TIA NOW was there in conjunction with host sponsor Dell OEM Solutions.

Dell OEM Solutions is Partnering For the Future

Dell OEM Solutions is partnering with industry players in verticals like healthcare, telematics and private cloud services. Watch TIA NOW is association with Dell as they explore new and open business approaches, as the industry gets smaller and consumers demand more from their service providers.

Upcoming Event: Mobile World Congress - February 24-27, 2014


The burgeoning mobile ecosystem affects virtually every facet of the network. From mobile devices to the network infrastructure that supports them, the future of the network is upon us and TIA NOW will be there to capture it. TIA NOW will cover Mobile World Congress 2014 with innovative and cutting-edge discussions with industry luminaries.

Be a part of TIA NOW at MWC 2014, February 24-27th, 2014 - contact Claire Johnson to find out how you can participate.

Previous Event: TIA 2013 - October 7-10, 2013

The TIA 2013 conference was held at the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington, DC. View keynotes, executive interviews and studio panel discussions from the event here.

Featured Video: M2M's Tipping Point

Panel discussion from Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

More Event Coverage:

  • TIANOW-TIA2014iQor-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014iqor_420x237.jpg

    Benefits of Managed Services

    Bryan Maguire, COO of iQor Aftermarket Services, tells TIA NOW what the benefits are for service providers in the managed service space. Read more...

    Published: 16 hours ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014ashok-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014ashok_420x237.jpg

    The 360 Degree State of the Industry

    In the Dell TIA NOW studio at TIA 2014 to talk about the “state of the industry” is Ashok Kumar, Director of Custom Research at Current Analysis. Read more...

    Published: Yesterday

  • TIANOW-TIA2014dey-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014dey_420x237.jpg

    Digital Transformation with SDN

    Jayanta Dey, CTO of Global Media and Telecom at Wipro, tells TIA NOW about the digital transformation and how SDN and NFV will move the needle forward for industry and consumers. Read more...

    Published: 15 days ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014bhatia-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014bhatia_420x237.jpg

    PSTN to All IP

    Sanjay Bhatia, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GENBAND, tells TIA NOW at TIA 2014 all about modernizing PSTN technologies by converting legacy systems into all IP networks. Read more...

    Published: 22 days ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014goodman-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014goodman_420x237.jpg

    Augmenting Macro Networks

    Scott Pickett, CMO/EVP of Strategic Planning and M&A at Goodman Networks tells TIA NOW why HetNet environments are a value add to the traditional macro network. Read more...

    Published: 23 days ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014ruraloperators0420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014ruraloperators0420x237.jpg

    Rural Operators Getting the Spotlight

    Rural operators tell the TIA 2014 audience what challenges they face to deploy ubiquitous broadband coverage and how they are moving towards the provider of choice. Read more...

    Published: 23 days ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014henkels-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014henkels_420x237.jpg

    Small Cells for the Enterprise

    What will be the impact of small cell networks on the Enterprise and where should the Enterprise focus its investment in the coming years, and why? Join TIA NOW at TIA 2014 as they speak with Thomas Marcin, Operations Vice President at Henkels & McCoy. Read more...

    Published: 28 days ago

  • TIANOW-TIA2014bolton-420x237.jpg - tianow_tia2014bolton_420x237.jpg

    Broadband with VDSL2 and Vectoring

    Gary Bolton, VP of Global Marketing at ADTRAN, tells TIA NOW what’s on the minds of service providers as cost and network automation continue to be a focus by industry. Read more...

    Published: 29 days ago