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  • TIANOW-IS010814-420x237.jpg - tianow_is010814_420x237.jpg

    What's the Standard in 2014?

    TIA's newly appointed Vice President of Standards and Technology tells TIA NOW what to look out for in 2014. Read more...

    Published: 8 months ago

  • CablingInstall-Oct2013.png - cablinginstall_oct2013.png

    Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine Talks Structured Cabling

    Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor of Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine, tells TIA NOW about the contributions to cabling standards like TR-42. Read more...

    Published: 10 months ago

  • TIANOW-IS062513-420x237.jpg - tianow_is062513_420x237.jpg

    Cabling Systems Standards

    TR-42, TIA's Engineering Committee for Cabling Systems Standards remains active as Herb Congdon, Associate VP of Standards and Technology Development at TIA, tells us what to look forward to. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIAnetwork-IS4813-420x237-backup.jpg - tianetwork_is4813_420x237_backup.jpg

    Nationwide Text to 9-1-1 Is On The Way

    Nationwide Text to 9-1-1 is coming soon with the help of the now-published TIA and ATIS standard. To tell us more about this big announcement is Stephanie Montgomery, Senior Director of Standards Communications at TIA. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • IS-MihaiILS-Dec2012-screenshot-420px.png - ismihaiilsdec2012screenshot420px.png

    Security Bulletin TSB-4940 Published

    Security Technical Bulletin TSB-4940, published on December 18th, lays out framework for industry on security measures. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-atanov292012-420x237.jpg - tianowatanov292012420x237.jpg

    How Does M2M Apply to my Business?

    The M2M ecosystem is growing as industry stakeholders recognize the need to broaden their market segments to encourage new revenue streams. The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of exploring new opportunities in the M2M space to increase profitability, reduce OPEX and improve customer experience and service. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-tiaoutlooknov282012-420x237.jpg - tianowtiaoutlooknov282012420x237.jpg

    TIA's Outlook 2013

    2012 has been a busy year on many fronts in the ICT sector and TIA NOW always tries to catch the brightest luminaries in the industry to recap the year and what’s ahead. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-ataoct11-420x237.jpg - tianowataoct11420x237.jpg

    World Standards Day 2012

    World Standards Day raises awareness among regulators, industry and consumers of standardization to the global economy. Join TIA NOW for a roundtable discussion with key figures at World Standards Day, including Steve Swanson, Manager of Standards Engineering at Corning. Read more...

    Published: 1 year ago

  • TIANOW-ISjune28-420x237.jpg - tianowisjune28420x237.jpg

    TIA Standards in 2012

    Standards shapes the ICT industry and TIA continues to facilitate global standards. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago

  • innov-stand-mar282012-420px.jpg - innovstandmar282012420px.jpg

    5 ICT Standards to Keep Your Eye On

    As we move towards an interoperable global network, ICT standards become more integral to the success of industry stakeholders. Read more...

    Published: 2 years ago