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  • TIANOW-SOLiDpreMWC2016-420x237.jpg - tianow_solidpremwc2016_420x237.jpg

    SOLiD Swivels to Middleprise and Edge Densification

    Mike Collado, Vice President of Marketing for SOLiD tells TIA NOW how the middleprise represents the line of demarcation where wireless operators will no longer fund in- building systems. Collado says this change in the industry means a clear shift for SOLiD’s market focus, moving towards the middleprise and investing in outdoor DAS and transport technologies, bringing connectivity closer to the handset through edge densification. Read more...

    Published: 3 days ago

  • TowerSafety_Pt2_thumb.png - towersafety_pt2_thumb.png

    Telecommunications Video Series, Part 2: Tower Safety Climb Systems

    Watch Part 2 of this Telecommunications Video Series on tower safety climb systems. Read more...

    Published: 3 days ago

  • TIANOW-RedHatWebinar2-2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_redhatwebinar2_2015_420x237.jpg

    Telcos' NFV Solutions Gain More Steam On An Open Cloud Platform

    Moving from network lock-in to open source for NFV is partly due to do the work of Jeff Baher, Sr. Director of NFV Solutions at Dell and Chris Wright, Chief Technologist at Red Hat. Supporting software-defined networks for storage, compute and network capabilities on an open network platform has new requirements. Telcos are more than willing to welcome an open cloud platform for network communications and to further explore the benefits of open source for NFV solutions. Read more...

    Published: 17 days ago

  • TIANOW-RedHatWebinar12015-420x237.jpg - tianow_redhatwebinar12015_420x237.jpg

    Moving Beyond Five 9s Networking to Five 9s Services

    "The service reliability by operators is independent of the reliability of the hardware," said Dave Neary, NFV Community Strategist at Red Hat. Neary joined Current Analysis’s Vice President of Consumer and Infrastructure, Peter Jarich as TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad moderated a panel on the importance of "five 9s" reliability for operator services - for manageability, reliability and security. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-2015YearinReview-420x237.jpg - tianow_2015yearinreview_420x237.jpg

    TIA’s Year in Review: Communications Technology in 2015

    Every year, TIA NOW sums up the most current and prevailing technologies, policies and market trends for the communications technology industry. Joining us to talk about Title II, spectrum, cybersecurity, IoT, NFV and more are James Reid, SVP of Government Affairs at the Telecommunications Industry Association; Franklin Flint, CTO at TIA and John Jacobs, VP of Member and Industry Affairs at TIA. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-PostWorkshopPanelVehicleWorkshop2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_postworkshoppanelvehicleworkshop2015_420x237.jpg

    The Connected Car: The Next Steps

    TIA’s Connected Vehicle Workshop invited the top technology and policy experts in the connected vehicle space. They discussed the policy, technology and business challenges for the connected car as providers, enterprises and consumers will see more IoT devices and services in their vehicles. Panelists included AT&T, Cisco, the State Dept. and the Association for Global Automakers. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-ChiosiOPNFV2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_chiosiopnfv2015_420x237.jpg

    Who Are the Real Leaders in NFV?

    Margaret Chiosi, President of OPNFV and Distinguished Network Architect at AT&T, talks with Abe Nejad at TIA NOW about why “you can’t afford to not participate” in the advancement of the open source community. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-SenPetersVehicleWorkshop2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_senpetersvehicleworkshop2015_420x237.jpg

    Sen. Gary Peters on the $305B Fund for Transportation

    Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) talked with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about the recently signed highway bill that will infuse $305 billion into the transportation sector over the next five years. Senator Peters also talked about the importance of the 5.9 GHz spectrum band for the Intelligent Transportation Systems sector. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-YoungClearPath2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_youngclearpath2015_420x237.jpg

    vCPE: The Fastest-Growing NFV Use Case

    The President and Chief Executive Officer of ClearPath Networks, Cliff Young, spoke with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about Virtual Network Function as a Service for operators as vCPE is leveraged to monetize NFV, being the fastest-growing NFV use case. Read more...

    Published: 1 month ago

  • TIANOW-LightseyGM2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_lightseygm2015_420x237.jpg

    FCC Decision Hangs Over Auto Industry Concerned About Wi-Fi Use of Spectrum

    Spectrum scarcity is not only a concern in our businesses, but now also in our cars. Harry Lightsey, Executive Director, Global Connected Customer, Public Policy at General Motors tells TIA NOW that emerging Wi-Fi technologies could cause interference in radio spectrum used for mission critical services that reduce vehicle collisions. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-RiveraIntelOPNFV2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_riveraintelopnfv2015_420x237.jpg

    Open Source for NFV: A Meritocracy in High Demand

    Virtualized compute and storage are far ahead of network virtualization, but why? Sandra Rivera, Vice President and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group at Intel, talks with TIA NOW about the climate of the open source community for Network Functions Virtualization. Rivera also offers up some real world examples of the power of NFV and why the open source approach to NFV is the quickest path to reducing the bottleneck in the network. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-CuneCorningsmallcell2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_cunecorningsmallcell2015_420x237.jpg

    The Fronthaul and Backhaul Benefits of Fiber: DAS and Small Cell Technology

    Bill Cune, VP of Commercial Technology at Corning, spoke with TIA NOW following TIA's Small Cell & DAS Workshop about what type of infrastructure that can support DAS, small cell, remote radio head and Wi-Fi technologies. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-SimardEXFOsmallcell2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_simardexfosmallcell2015_420x237.jpg

    Transitioning from RF to Fiber: In-Building Wireless

    Mario Simard, Group Manager of Business Development at EXFO spoke with TIA NOW, following TIA's Small Cell & DAS Workshop, about the importance of education about fiber for in-building wireless and the transformation between Fronthaul and Centralized-RAN. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-DixonHMsmallcell2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_dixonhmsmallcell2015_420x237.jpg

    The Good, the Fast and the Cost-Effective: The Ins and Outs of In-Building Wireless

    Allen Dixon, Enterprise Account Executive at H&M Networks, presented on a panel at TIA’s DAS and small cell workshop and later spoke with TIA NOW about converged network infrastructures and in-building wireless. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-GAI2015-20x237.jpg - tianow_gai2015_20x237.jpg

    The Eyes and Ears of Innovation for Telecoms

    Adarsh Radia, Co-Founder of Global Actionable Innovation and Luis Garma, Executive President of the Delaware Group help facilitate business development and scalability for communications technology companies. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-GAIstartups2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_gaistartups2015_420x237.jpg

    How to Translate Big Data into Real Value

    The finalists for VC funding from Global Actionable Innovation talked with TIA about why their value propositions are unique for the telecom ecosystem. Issa Chini, Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer at ChannelVAS and Bruno Malhado, Chief Executive Officer at Myreks illustrate how they capture big data to create value for their customers. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-FlintNFVlab2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_flintnfvlab2015_420x237.jpg

    First Vendor-Agnostic NFV Lab in U.S.

    TIA will soon launch the first US-based, vendor-agnostic testing ground for NFV experiments, demos, and proofs of concepts, to facilitate industry collaboration for virtual network equipment and software. TIA’s CTO, Franklin Flint, spoke with TIA NOW about how the NFV lab will function and ultimately lead the industry for NFV interoperability testing. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-Rittenhouse2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_rittenhouse2015_420x237.jpg

    The Internet of Everything: It’s All About Digitization

    Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Cloud and Virtualization Group at Cisco tells TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad about the digitization of our businesses. From the Internet of Everything to the virtualization of our networks, these technologies will allow enterprises to fully digitize their IT infrastructures, making the end game more profitable and efficient. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-SchoolerIntelDW2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_schoolerinteldw2015_420x237.jpg

    Dell and Intel’s IoT Partnership

    Intel’s long-standing partnership with Dell is important for the IoT community, said Rose Schooler, VP of IoT Strategy and Technology at Intel. TIA NOW got this and much more from Schooler at Dell World 2015, as she talked specifically about Dell’s IoT gateway solutions. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-DWPackage2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_dwpackage2015_420x237.jpg

    Dell’s IoT Gateway Solutions

    Dell's OEM partners and customers use Dell solutions to help their own customers flourish. TIA NOW walks through Dell customer use cases featuring ELM Energy implementing Dell’s IoT gateway solution in order to strengthen their microgrid. Included in this segment are interviews with Dell, Intel, ELM Energy, Pivot3, MangStor and V5 Systems. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-OConnellDW2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_oconnelldw2015_420x237.jpg

    IoT Solving Real World Problems

    Dermot O’Connell, Executive Director and General Manager of OEM and IOT Solutions EMEA at Dell, explains the benefits of Dell’s IoT gateways, giving several use cases in which customers were able to implement Dell’s IoT gateway solutions in order to solve a real world problem. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-CTOCouncilPanel2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_ctocouncilpanel2015_420x237.jpg

    Telecom Leaders Talk IoT and Next-Gen Networking

    TIA’s CTO Council Industry Panel with telecom industry leaders was filmed following TIA’s CTO Council meeting and preceding Dell World 2015 in Austin, TX. The panelists from Dell, Ericsson, Intel and Juniper Networks discussed the future of IoT and NFV on next-generation networks. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-RamachandranCTIA15-420x237.jpg - tianow_ramachandranctia15_420x237.jpg

    This Ain't Your Grandmother’s M2M Technology

    Kishore Ramachandran, Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, spoke to Abe Nejad of TIA NOW about the evolution of IoT, from Industrial M2M all the way to what we know now as the Internet of Everything. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-5GPanelSept2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_5gpanelsept2015_420x237.jpg

    Global Operators Shifting 5G from Fantasy to Reality

    TIA NOW spoke to industry leaders on a live video panel discussing the results of TIA's 5G Operator Survey and White Paper. The 5G operator survey provides guidance to the industry on spectrum, technology, timeliness and potential services for 5G. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-BartolomeoVerizonCTIA15-420x237.jpg - tianow_bartolomeoverizonctia15_420x237.jpg

    What Was The Real Inspiration For IoT?

    Verizon’s Mark Bartolomeo, Vice President of IoT Connected Solutions, talks to Abe Nejad at TIA NOW about what accelerated the explosion of IoT. Bartolomeo spoke about the The Energy Act and Railroad Safety Act both being the impetus for the adoption of standards that influenced IoT. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago