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    Sprint and Ericsson secured early results from their joint field testing of Massive MIMO on the Sprint LTE Plus network in downtown Seattle and Plano, Texas, demonstrating a 4x increase in spectral efficiency. Massive MIMO is key to a network’s ability to meet demands of urban and rural users as a precursor to 5G network deployment in the next few years.

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  • This panel of leading industry journalists discuss highlights from Day 1 of TIA 2012: Inside the Network, LIVE from the Dell TIA NOW Studio.

  • Search the term “Big Data” and you’ll see that the large information and data companies see the management and utilization of millions of terabytes of data as the next big growth area in Information Technology.

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  • Bill Huang, General Manager at the China Mobile Research Institute, spoke with TIA NOW about how ICT networks can both enable low carbon solutions as well as be implemented and used in sustainable ways.

  • Smart Technology and Building Efficiency: Information and Communications Technology to Enable Energy Savings in the Building and Beyond

  • Telecommunications is no longer a one-dimensional voice provider and network transformation creates exciting and profitable revenue streams.

  • The migration from legacy TDM networks to all IP architectures is the name of the game for telcos. Carriers are looking for new ways to optimize and monetize their networks. TIA NOW has the pleasure of talking with three leaders in the network transformation space.

  • As we move towards an interoperable global network, ICT standards become more integral to the success of industry stakeholders.

  • What’s your piece of this year’s $4.7T global information and communications technology industry pie? Is your company growing in the cloud? How does the build-out of data centers and network infrastructure affect your business? What role does M2M Technology and the Internet of Things have in your world?

  • Where are we in the telematics space in 2012 and how do we plan for the future?

  • Broadcom's launch of their fifth generation WiFi was a big hit at CES 2012.

  • The name of the game at CES 2012 is the "connection of things." But what happens when you need to connect billions of things by 2020?

  • FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell sat down with TIA President Grant Seiffert to discuss his role, his goals and promoting innovation.