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    AT&T's VP of Strategic Initiatives Rachel Kutz, and Matt Bruening, VP of Supply Chain Sourcing, speak with TIA NOW about the the desired characteristics of a good supplier, the importance of compliance and sustainability in supplier relationships, the effects disaggregation are having on the supply chain, and what AT&T needs from its suppliers.

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  • President Bill Clinton took a strong stance against the "I win, you lose" business mentality as he delivered a keynote speech at Dell World 2012.

  • TIA NOW speaks with two members of the TIA CTO Roundtable hosted by Dell in Austin, Texas.

  • Geographic Information Systems allow us to visualize vast amounts of data and information to better understand our physical world, political events, cultural changes and disasters. Superstorm Sandy is the latest project for GIS and here to tell us more about how this technology applies to the ICT industry is Ashley Hitt, Manager of GIS Services for Connected Nation.

  • The mission of the Open Visual Communications Consortium, better known as the OVCC, is to develop and support a ubiquitous video marketplace by establishing secure, quality-assured, and video-capable interconnections and to enable any-to-any video communication for end users across the world. In the TIA NOW studio are two panelists to give us a better understanding of this consortium.

  • The M2M ecosystem is growing as industry stakeholders recognize the need to broaden their market segments to encourage new revenue streams. The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of exploring new opportunities in the M2M space to increase profitability, reduce OPEX and improve customer experience and service.

  • 2012 has been a busy year on many fronts in the ICT sector and TIA NOW always tries to catch the brightest luminaries in the industry to recap the year and what’s ahead.

  • The mad rush to faster speeds and greater storage capabilities are evident and network optimization for improved quality of service and experience is gaining momentum. Storing big data is a challenge for the ICT industry and JDSU is focusing on the edge of the network to make carriers and equipment makers bigger players in the ecosystem and ultimately yield better business models and robust revenue streams.

  • Featuring Sandra Rivera of Intel and Mark Butler of Oracle.

  • The inaugural US-China ICT roundtable event hosted by the United States Information Technology Office (USITO) is an important step to converging two of the leading nations in ICT technology. Join TIA NOW as they speak with Matt Roberts, Managing Director of USITO.

  • What is the public’s level of trust in government? What are the resulting implications for telecom policy and the tech industry? We explore these questions with Andrew Baumann, Vice President at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

  • At the Smart grid convention, GridWeek, TIA NOW spoke with George Arnold, the National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability at NIST, about the challenges in Smart Grid development with cybersecurity, standards, technology and harmony within global systems.

  • Telcos are no longer the lone star actors on the telecommunications stage. As broadband gets faster and more robust, telcos try to find every viable and profitable avenue of revenue generation from a network that they built to support broadband today. What are some of the advantages telcos have in the market that they can leverage?

  • TIA will join the U.S. delegation for the World Conference on Information Telecommunications (WCIT) from December 3-14, 2012. Ambassador Terry Kramer will head the U.S. WCIT delegation and TIA was happy to welcome him for a preview of WCIT-2012.

  • Ambassador Terry Kramer, head of the U.S. WCIT delegation, speaks with TIA NOW about what we can expect at the conference and the best ways to respond to the adoption of proposals that may not be in the best interests of U.S. companies.

  • World Standards Day raises awareness among regulators, industry and consumers of standardization to the global economy. Join TIA NOW for a roundtable discussion with key figures at World Standards Day, including Steve Swanson, Manager of Standards Engineering at Corning.