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  • New verticals like social media analysis and cybersecurity demand reliable and valid results. Dr. Ron Bose is the Executive Director of the Institute for Data Analytics and Performance Management at the University of Texas, Dallas who tells TIA NOW what to expect as the network of the future is upon us.

  • At TIA's 5G Roundtable titled, "Developing a Path to 5G," Frank Bernhard, Managing Director of Communications, Media & Technology at Accenture Analytics, moderates a panel on "5G in a Big Data World - Linking Analytics, Economics and Strategy to the Telecom Future."

  • TIA President Grant Seiffert invites attendees to TIA’s Network of the Future 2014 conference in Dallas, TX on June 3rd through 5th. The Network of the Future Conference will cover topics like 5G, Internet of Things, Big Data and SDN.

  • Joyce Mullen, VP & GM, Global OEM Solutions at Dell, says protecting data in the Cloud is a big challenge but a bigger one is protecting unstructured video surveillance data.

  • Chris Rivera, Senior Director of Network Engineering and Technology at Cisco, talks about the importance of controlling policy to secure data.

  • The network is part of everyones business but how do we build on the network with new applications that personalize experiences and extract value from big data?

  • The Weather Company is making big data a number one priority and the Cloud will make that migration a reality.

  • Converged infrastructures and shared services are at the foundation of cloud computing. Big data, virtual networks and software defined networking will take over water cooler conversations in the tech sector for years to come. Can the network be the bedrock of the Cloud or will market demand and OTT provider services be too formidable for the telco community?

  • Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, says "technology lightning struck" for him and his business.

  • Geographic Information Systems allow us to visualize vast amounts of data and information to better understand our physical world, political events, cultural changes and disasters. Superstorm Sandy is the latest project for GIS and here to tell us more about how this technology applies to the ICT industry is Ashley Hitt, Manager of GIS Services for Connected Nation.

  • Search the term “Big Data” and you’ll see that the large information and data companies see the management and utilization of millions of terabytes of data as the next big growth area in Information Technology.