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    What were some of the significant industry movements in 2017? What did we learn and how can we use that knowledge? Will legislation speed or slow the move toward 5G? And what trends should we look for next year? Industry analysts weigh in with their predictions on this edition of TIA NOW.

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  • Tom Stanton, Chairman and CEO of ADTRAN and also Chairman of the Board for the Telecommunications Industry Association, tells TIA NOW what’s ahead for the industry and what’s in store for TIA.

  • Gary Bolton, VP of Global Marketing at ADTRAN, tells TIA NOW what’s on the minds of service providers as cost and network automation continue to be a focus by industry.

  • Globally, fixed and mobile operators continue to be challenged to deliver massive increases in capacity and coverage to service the broadband needs of mobile and residential consumers as well as businesses, who are demanding higher bandwidth services.

  • TIA NOW kicks off TIA's Network of the Future Conference with Franklin Flint of Dell, discussing the highlights of what to expect in the track sessions, keynotes and more.

  • TIA's 5G Roundtable titled, "Developing the Path to 5G” includes a presentation by Jon Gant, Associate Professor & Director, Center for Digital Inclusion at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He covered, "Designing Next Generation Wireless Networks for our Crazy, Cool and Complicated Digital Lives."

  • It’s time again for the release of TIA’s Innovation Agenda. This years agenda will focus on the drivers for innovation like broadband, spectrum, trade and much more. Join TIA NOW as the talk with TIA’s VP and General Counsel of Government Affairs at TIA about this years innovation agenda.

  • David Walsh, President, Chairman and CEO at Genband tells the TIA 2013 attendees about the evolution of PSTN and what comes after.

  • From Gigabit Cities to National Broadband Networks, innovators continue to move the needle towards new broadband technologies. But has the discussion moved away from the long awaited voluntary incentive auctions of spectrum and more towards cutting edge technologies that one day could make our communications systems move faster than the speed of light?

  • AT&T's President of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations, Tim Harden, talks to TIA NOW about supply chain issues from cybersecurity and vendor competition to spectrum and high-speed broadband deployment.

  • Rural Carriers and their customers are gearing up for broadband deployment to virtually 100% U.S. penetration. But there are challenges for rural stakeholders as new technologies and changing business models shape our industry. Join TIA NOW as they speak with Shirley Bloomfield, CEO of NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association.

  • Geographic Information Systems allow us to visualize vast amounts of data and information to better understand our physical world, political events, cultural changes and disasters. Superstorm Sandy is the latest project for GIS and here to tell us more about how this technology applies to the ICT industry is Ashley Hitt, Manager of GIS Services for Connected Nation.

  • Rural America is faced with unique challenges as millions of Americans are not connected to broadband. Join TIA NOW as they speak with Tom Ferree, President of Connected Nation.