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    New applications, services and workloads increasingly demand a different kind of network architecture. What are key components of that network? TIA NOW’s Clarence Reynolds discusses networking at the edge with Ildiko Vancsa, Ecosystem Technical Lead at the Openstack Foundation, Chris Price, President of Ericsson Software Technology and Beth Cohen, Cloud Networking Product Manager at Verizon.

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  • Intel is an ecosystem enabler, said Sandra Rivera, Marketing Director of the Communications & Storage Infrastructure Group at Intel. TIA NOW talked to Rivera at TIA 2013 about the importance of Intel's technologies in the network.

  • Kevin Ressler, Director of Global Product Management, Enterprise Networks, for TE Connectivity tells TIA NOW that TE Connectivity is providing the building blocks for the Cloud.

  • Chris Rivera, Senior Director of Network Engineering and Technology at Cisco, talks about the importance of controlling policy to secure data.

  • The CEO of Akamai, Dr. Tom Leighton, tells the TIA 2013 attendees about what we should expect as the Cloud becomes more pervasive in the ICT industry.

  • Mick Scully, VP/GM of the Carrier Products Division at Akamai, will be hosting his own conference at the Gaylord National and TIA NOW Live will discuss with him the importance of convergence in the industry.

  • Facebook continues to nurture their relationship with Telcos through industry luminaries like Stephen Cheng, Principal Architect and Design Engineer at Facebook. Join TIA NOW Live as they explore the new frontier of the Facebook/ Telco relationship.

  • James Brehm, Strategist and Senior Consultant at Compass Intelligence, tells TIA NOW why enterprise IT decision makers are concerned about security in the cloud.

  • Converged infrastructures and shared services are at the foundation of cloud computing. Big data, virtual networks and software defined networking will take over water cooler conversations in the tech sector for years to come. Can the network be the bedrock of the Cloud or will market demand and OTT provider services be too formidable for the telco community?

  • The inventor of OpenFlow, an open standard for Network Virtualization, gives TIA NOW a breakdown of the functionality of SDN.

  • Software Defined Networking may be the answer for service providers to launch new services. But where does this leave communication equipment manufacturers when network function virtualization is all about the software - or is it?

  • Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, says "technology lightning struck" for him and his business.

  • TIA’s 2013 Market Review and Forecast is ready to launch and no better time than on the heels of Mobile World Congress 2013. TIA NOW will be at Mobile World to capture the latest trends and products in the industry, and here to give us the latest on those market trends is TIA’s Senior Vice President, John Jacobs.

  • President Bill Clinton took a strong stance against the "I win, you lose" business mentality as he delivered a keynote speech at Dell World 2012.

  • TIA NOW speaks with two members of the TIA CTO Roundtable hosted by Dell in Austin, Texas.

  • TIA's 2012 CTO Council is an important link between the private sector and senior policymakers. Join TIA NOW for a sneak peak into the December 11th CTO Council meeting with council member Adam Drobot, Chairman of OpenTechWorks.