Deepti Arora

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  • As we expand network virtualization, maintaining quality will be both necessary and a challenge. How will enterprise overcome? TIA NOW is joined by Nokia's Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer, John Wronka, Senior Director of Quality, and Maneesh Kumar, Head of 5G Quality to discuss the changing view of quality.

  • How rapidly can your company self-assess and benchmark sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts? The Quest Sustainability Assessor gives an organization a rating on how they perform in 10 different areas of sustainability that align with the TL 9000 quality management system.

  • Nokia‚Äôs Chief Quality Officer, Deepti Arora, joins Power & Tel CEO Jennifer Sims and KPGCo President Trevor Putrah to explain the importance of the global language of network quality and performance provided by TL9000 for suppliers and service providers around the world.