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    New applications, services and workloads increasingly demand a different kind of network architecture. What are key components of that network? TIA NOW’s Clarence Reynolds discusses networking at the edge with Ildiko Vancsa, Ecosystem Technical Lead at the Openstack Foundation, Chris Price, President of Ericsson Software Technology and Beth Cohen, Cloud Networking Product Manager at Verizon.

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  • Verizon's Randy Milch, EVP Public Policy and general counsel, tells the TIA 2013 attendees about his three principles of public policy to keep growth moving forward in the ICT industry.

  • The CEO of Akamai, Dr. Tom Leighton, tells the TIA 2013 attendees about what we should expect as the Cloud becomes more pervasive in the ICT industry.

  • Mick Scully, VP/GM of the Carrier Products Division at Akamai, will be hosting his own conference at the Gaylord National and TIA NOW Live will discuss with him the importance of convergence in the industry.

  • Wait… another disruptive technology is looming. Virtual networking is paving the way for new services as WebRTC is an application developer’s dream, and a big opportunity for the Telco community. Join TIA NOW as they talk with industry luminaries from GENBAND and X-Factor Communications

  • Facebook continues to nurture their relationship with Telcos through industry luminaries like Stephen Cheng, Principal Architect and Design Engineer at Facebook. Join TIA NOW Live as they explore the new frontier of the Facebook/ Telco relationship.

  • Network architectures are experiencing tectonic shifts and industry is following suit as software and hardware companies are integrating new technologies called software defined networking and network function virtualization. Join TIA NOW as they talk with industry luminaries from Intel and Dell while streaming live from the TIA 2013 conference

  • TIA NOW wraps up the first day of the TIA 2013 conference with John Jacobs, Senior VP at TIA, and Danielle Coffey, VP of Government Affairs at TIA.

  • TIA 2013 is here and what better way to kick it off than in the Dell/TIA NOW studio with Dell’s Global Telecommunications Strategy & Marketing Lead of OEM Solutions, Franklin Flint.

  • SOLiD's President, Seth Buechley, talks to TIA NOW's Abe Nejad about the biggest hurdles to the deployment of in-building public safety systems including liability protection, cost to maintain systems and standards.

  • James Teele of Harris Corporation talks to TIA NOW's Abe Nejad at the 2013 APCO conference about funding challenges for in-building services vis-a-vis the public safety network.

  • Robert LeGrande, former CTO of the District of Columbia and founder of the Digital Decision, highlights the importance of public and private partnerships for the success of the public safety network.

  • Jonathan Adelstein, CEO of PCIA, tells TIA NOW's Abe Nejad about what needs to be done to speed up the deployment of public safety systems.

  • Topics include tech transition issues, Central Office Technology & design issues, network economics and more.

  • Topics include legal requirements for IP transition, public safety issues, legacy technology reliant on PSTN and more.

  • Sean Lev, FCC General Counsel leading the Technology Transitions Policy Task Force, speaks at TIA's Network Transition event.