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  • ILS Technology, a Telit Company, and Tennant Company present a use case for implementing IoT in indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment.

  • Watch industry leaders talk about the changes needed in both the business and policy realms in order to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. At TIA’s IoT Roundtable, the panel included Stephen Mellor, Chief Technology Officer of the Industrial Internet Consortium, Liam Quinn, Fellow and Executive Director in the Client Computing Group at Dell and Todd Rytting, Chief Technology Officer at Panasonic North America.

  • The 2015 deviceWISE Global Summit attracted developers from all over the world bringing the IoT community under one roof. From speakers at Google and Verizon, to showcase exhibitors in the M2M space, industry players got behind the deviceWISE platform that continues to permeate the IoT space.

  • Return on Investment and Time to Market is key for enterprises for the IoT ecosystem. Kaz Lawler, CTO of PakSense and David Delarosa of ILS Technology talk to TIA NOW at the deviceWISE Global Summit in Miami, FL.

  • Operators and service providers are joining forces to provide solutions for their customers in multiple verticals. Join TIA NOW as we welcome Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology, a Telit company and Mohamad Nasser, Director of M2M Product and Marketing for Sprint's Emerging Solutions Group.

  • The "Internet of Things” is about to take on billions of low and high bandwidth devices, but are service providers and operators considering the barriers to entry in the IoT space? From CTIA 2014, we would like to welcome leaders in the ICT space on this roundtable discussion including Dinesh Sharma, Director of Marketing for IoT at SAP, Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology- a Telit company and Ron Westfall, Research Director at Current Analysis.

  • The standards are real, the market is real and the opportunity is real for IoT, said Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology, a Telit company, at the TIA 2014 conference.

  • If you’re interested in a roadmap for generating more revenue for IoT services, come to the ILS Technology sponsored breakfast at 8am at the Network of the Future Conference in Dallas on June 5th. ILS technology will show how carriers can immediately affect their revenue and ARPU for connected devices.

  • President and CEO of ILS Technology, Fred Yentz, tells the TIA 2013 audience why the Telit acquisition of ILS Technology makes sense for the industry.

  • Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, ILS Technology

  • President and CEO, ILS Technology

  • Chief Information Officer & Chief Security Officer, ILS Technology

  • Every industry changing technology experiences a tipping point when we must change our approach to take the next big step. Join TIA NOW as we explore the changes in the M2M space from the floor of Mobile World Congress 2013.

  • The rise of the machines was once a thing of fiction as ominous robots took over the human race. Today, life imitates art at a rate that many of us are unaware of but most of us will soon experience. So what is the future for our connected world?

  • Security Technical Bulletin TSB-4940, published on December 18th, lays out framework for industry on security measures.