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  • IoT experts from AT&T, Nest Labs, SAP, 151 Advisors and Florida Atlantic University debate the benefits and risks of IoT in the consumer, industrial and enterprise spaces. They also discuss IoT challenges in managing security, monetization, technology and valuable business cases.

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  • Sam Lucero, Senior Principal Analyst of M2M & IoT at IHS Electronics & Media, tells TIA NOW that fragmentation in the value chain leads to complexity in adopting new technologies like M2M.

  • What is keeping the healthcare industry from adopting M2M technologies at the same pace as other verticals? Matt Hatton, Director at Machina Research tells TIA NOW why the healthcare vertical may still have reservations about M2M.


    "How is M2M enabling business to work better," said Fred Yentz at the TIA NOW desk during the TIA 2013 conference is Washington DC. "M2M workshops help the industry understand that M2M is not hard," said Yentz.



    Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO at Beecham Research, tells TIA NOW that you have to take a holistic approach to security in the M2M and IoT space.


  • How can M2M and security providers collaborate to develop and deliver secure solutions? What does the value chain look like today and how can we work together to simplify the process for corporate adopters?

  • What impact will the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) and recent executive order on cybersecurity have on M2M solutions? What steps will solution providers need to take to ensure compliance? This policy roundtable features speakers from NIST, FTC and Juniper Networks.

  • CEO of Wyless, Dan McDuffie, tells TIA NOW why they are the leading provider of global M2M wireless connectivity solutions and managed services.

  • Join an expert group of influential thinkers in machine-to-machine (M2M) and cybersecurity at a two-day workshop on June 4th and 5th at TIA headquarters and Conference Center in Arlington, Va.

  • Every industry changing technology experiences a tipping point when we must change our approach to take the next big step. Join TIA NOW as we explore the changes in the M2M space from the floor of Mobile World Congress 2013.

  • The rise of the machines was once a thing of fiction as ominous robots took over the human race. Today, life imitates art at a rate that many of us are unaware of but most of us will soon experience. So what is the future for our connected world?

  • World Standards Day raises awareness among regulators, industry and consumers of standardization to the global economy. Join TIA NOW for a roundtable discussion with key figures at World Standards Day, including Steve Swanson, Manager of Standards Engineering at Corning.

  • Standards shapes the ICT industry and TIA continues to facilitate global standards.

  • TIA NOW visited the M2M Pavilion, sponsored by ILS, to see the latest in M2M technology highlighted at TIA 2012.

  • M2M is permeating our lives from the enterprise and smart buildings all the way to our homes on main street. Join TIA NOW for a look into the M2M space and its relationship with the connected home.

  • M2M for the enterprise is creating new and exciting market segments. LIVE from the TIA 2012 exhibit floor with Tridium.