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  • What's behind the technology that allows tower technicians to work safely and efficiently online or offline? It's an app developed by TIA's newest member, Mobile Reach. Kelly Brande is its Industry and Account Manager of Telecom, and he joins TIA NOW to discuss Mobile Reach's role in the telecom ecosystem.

  • Applying technology properly is the core competency of Telecom Brokers, a technology distributor in the communications technology industry for the last 20 years. Join TIA NOW as they speak with Nancy Ridge, Executive Vice President for Telecom Brokers.

  • Telect, a company that "fundamentally changes the way in which optical networks connect,” speaks about the challenges to cut operating expenses and increase utilization of equipment in data centers. Spencer Williams, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Telect, was on the program.

  • Johnny Ghibril, VP for Software Solutions and Strategy at Nexius, tells TIA NOW how we are no longer dependent on specific network components. Ghibril adds that agility in the network introduced a different cultural model for our industry, as we innovate with new and redundant technologies.

  • Sports stadiums and crowded shopping malls often require peak capacity from their network to support thousands of high bandwidth devices. But now network topologies are less cost prohibitive to provision and build with NFV and virtualization technologies. Linsey Miller, Vice President of Marketing for Artesyn, tells TIA NOW how C-RAN and vRAN are changing the way we provision our networks.

  • Ascom is a Swiss communications company that provides network testing solutions for operators and service providers worldwide. Watch to see how Ascom is changing the way operators test their services.

  • The mad rush to faster speeds and greater storage capabilities are evident and network optimization for improved quality of service and experience is gaining momentum. Storing big data is a challenge for the ICT industry and JDSU is focusing on the edge of the network to make carriers and equipment makers bigger players in the ecosystem and ultimately yield better business models and robust revenue streams.