All sustainability Videos:

  • What is a sustainable supply chain, and how do you benchmark the quality of your efforts? TIA NOW speaks with Annie Bevan, Sustainability Manager at Superior Essex and Ken Koffman, TIA's Senior VP of Standards and Technology about quality assurance, business performance and sustainability best practices.

  • As macrocells increase in capacity and size, their demand for electrical power will grow accordingly. Is the energy infrastructure that will power the next generation of communications in place today? TIA NOW speaks with Jimmy Taylor, President of TelTech, and Michael Burkhalter, SVP of Global Sales at Alpha Technologies about the policies and solutions necessary to ensure that energy needs don't constrain the 5G future.

  • How rapidly can your company self-assess and benchmark sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts? The Quest Sustainability Assessor gives an organization a rating on how they perform in 10 different areas of sustainability that align with the TL 9000 quality management system.

  • Rachel Kutz, VP of Strategic Initiatives within AT&T's Global Supply Chain group discusses how the value chain of suppliers and QuEST Forum's role help AT&T compete and achieve near-term sustainability goals.

  • TIA is known for their work as a standards development organization in the telecom industry - and is plugging their members into what standards work will be done in the coming year. Join TIA NOW as they kick off 2015 with Stephanie Montgomery, Acting VP of Technology and Standards at TIA.

  • A recent study claims that net energy consumption in overall networks can be reduced by up to 90 percent by 2020.

  • Greening the ICT industry by a factor of 1,000 sounds incomprehensible to some but the GreenTouch Consortium contends it will be a reality. Join TIA NOW and the Chairman of GreenTouch, Thierry Van Landegem, to find out how he plans to lead the way in Green ICT.

  • Bill Huang, General Manager at the China Mobile Research Institute, spoke with TIA NOW about how ICT networks can both enable low carbon solutions as well as be implemented and used in sustainable ways.