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  • TIANOW-thelistjan172013-420x237.jpg - tianow_thelistjan172013_420x237.jpg

    Top 7 Policy New Year's Resolutions

    The new year brings great opportunities in the ICT industry but also offers many challenges. TIA's Head of Government Affairs, Danielle Coffey, will tell us what to look out for in 2013 and how TIA is approaching the issues. Read more...

    Published: 3 years ago

  • TIANOW-thelistoct16-420x237.jpg - tianowthelistoct16420x237.jpg

    Top 5 Strengths of a Telco

    Telcos are no longer the lone star actors on the telecommunications stage. As broadband gets faster and more robust, telcos try to find every viable and profitable avenue of revenue generation from a network that they built to support broadband today. What are some of the advantages telcos have in the market that they can leverage? Read more...

    Published: 3 years ago

  • TIANOW-thelistoct1-420x237.jpg - tianowthelistoct1420x237.jpg

    President Obama's Executive Order on Cybersecurity

    This edition of “The List” will drill down the details of the impending Executive Order on cybersecurity by President Barack Obama. On the show to give us his perspective on what is truth and what is tale about the administration’s "EO" is Bob Dix, Vice President of Government Affairs & Critical Infrastructure Protection at Juniper Networks. Read more...

    Published: 3 years ago

  • TIANOW-thelistsept25-420x237.jpg - tianowthelistsept25420x237.jpg

    CTO Council Primer

    TIA's 2012 CTO Council is an important link between the private sector and senior policymakers. Join TIA NOW for a sneak peak into the December 11th CTO Council meeting with council member Adam Drobot, Chairman of OpenTechWorks. Read more...

    Published: 3 years ago

  • TIANOW-thelistsept14-420x237.jpg - tianowthelistsept14420x237.jpg

    Presidential Scorecard and Tech 2012

    How do the 2012 presidential candidates stack up in tech? TIA NOW will give you a side-by-side comparison on issues in Trade, R&D, Tax Reform, Regulations, Spectrum, Cybersecurity and more. Read more...

    Published: 3 years ago

  • TIANOW-thelistjune29-420x237.jpg - tianowthelistjune29420x237.jpg

    7 Hot Topics for ICT in 2013

    New products and services in the marketplace opens up new vertical segments for the industry, but are we ready for the tidal wave of content that our consumer culture demands? Read more...

    Published: 4 years ago

  • innov-stand-mar282012-420px.jpg - innovstandmar282012420px.jpg

    5 ICT Standards to Keep Your Eye On

    As we move towards an interoperable global network, ICT standards become more integral to the success of industry stakeholders. Read more...

    Published: 4 years ago

  • The-List-Grant-Nov22.png-The-List-Grant-Nov22.png

    TIA in 2011 and Around the Bend

    TIA's 2011 agenda and what to look out for in 2012. Read more...

    Published: 4 years ago

  • AbeSandraHDresscreenshot.png-AbeSandraHDresscreenshot.png

    The Cloud and the Fed: Who Needs Who?

    Yankee Group's Sandra Palumbo gives us the latest on cloud security and why federal agencies are adopting cloud services. Read more...

    Published: 4 years ago

  • TheListAbePhilwebresscreenshot.png-TheListAbePhilwebresscreenshot.png

    The List - Privacy and Data Retention

    Phil Attfield, CEO and co-founder of Sequitur Labs, joins us on TIA NOW to discuss the yeas and nays of data retention in the U.S. and across the globe. Read more...

    Published: 4 years ago