TIA 2011 Educational Tracks

Converged Networks: New Services & Applications

The key driver in network convergence is the accelerating move from last-generation technologies like TDM for voice and ATM for data to a more consolidated network running on an IP, Ethernet and an optical foundation.

The result is improved flexibility and cost of today's networks. It is also enabling networks to be much more application - and service-focused - a key requirement for carriers to deliver Web and cloud services online, not to mention the IP mobile apps and services delivered over today's 3G and tomorrow's 4G networks. This series of sessions focuses on services and applications relating to converged networks.

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Converged Networks: Technologies

As service providers strive to leverage their network assets to deliver a broad array of business, residential and mobile services, the optimization of their transport infrastructure stands to play a key role in ensuring profitability and a superior user experience.

Explore ever-evolving trends in next-generation transport and access platforms, and learn how these technologies can enable new services while making use of currently deployed access infrastructure.

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Mobile Backhaul, Video & Data Networks

It’s no secret that exploding use of smartphones and tablet devices are driving huge access network bandwidths. At the same time, users are demanding high quality, low delay voice and video services with ubiquitous coverage. This increase in bandwidth across limited spectrum is driving a growing number of cell sites, which in turn, puts pressure on mobile operators to find new ways to meet this CAPEX and OPEX demand.

In this series of sessions, you will explore the market dynamics of the mobile backhaul market, the architecture and applications that are driving business opportunity and the opportunities for broadband network operators and wireline carriers, as well as infrastructure partners and new entrants, to participate in the business of providing affordable, reliable bandwidth for the mobile network operator.

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Security Management

Security Management has always been an important component of network operations. In today's growing cyber world, where a nation's vital communications and utilities infrastructure can be brought down in minutes by hostile attacks, the need for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and advanced cyber security is at an all-time high. The risks are far greater than ever before because dependencies, threats and consequences have become greater.

This Educational Track is designed to offer information and education on standards-based frameworks (information, process, application, and integration), technology solutions and business best practices to meet the evolving cyber threat.

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The Smart Grid/Utility Network

As a two-way digital communications network, the network connecting smart meters is destined to control appliances at consumers' homes, which saves energy and can reduce cost. In the energy network itself, it controls demand and response, grid automation and many more Smart Grid applications, such as the integration of the electric vehicles, or renewable energy sources into the grid.

The Smart Grid presents a unique opportunity for telecoms operators to become established players in the electricity value chain, although the structure of the Smart Grid market is far more complex than that of telecoms operators' traditional markets. Careful preparation and understanding of the market dynamics, technology considerations and expectations of the energy services market – for both utilities and telecom operations – make this is an important educational track to attend.

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Sustainable Networks

This Sustainable Network Breakout Track is designed to meet information needs of communications industry managers and directors who are responsible for strategy and tactical implementation of programs and policies to reduce energy consumption and improve carbon footprint in network and corporate operations. Stay in step with social policies and practical implementation initiatives to ensure business success while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

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M2M & Connected Devices

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology speaks to the promise of everything becoming connected. M2M matters because it is growing quickly, offers a clear ROI for business, offers minimal acquisition costs, and is propelled for growth because of lower module costs, broader network options, and new creative business models. How will network operators and equipment vendors leverage the M2M opportunity into new services, solutions, customers and revenue is the focus of this educational track.

Join us as we delve into how network operators and equipment vendors will leverage the M2M    opportunity into new services, solutions,customers and revenue. Sponsored by ILS Technology.

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