Part 8 - "Navigating a Path to 5G"

Part 8 Documentary - 5G

Innovations for next generation wireless technologies are crucial to keep pace with the accelerated demands for Big Data, Cloud technologies and more nimble communications networks. The global push for a fifth generation wireless network is well underway but the technology and economic concerns are still unclear. Verticals like mobile healthcare, intelligent transportation and mobile video will be affected by what type of network is deployed in the next five years. So will 5G technologies support new applications, high data rates, lower latency and greater power efficiencies for the future of our network?

Topics include:

  • Contending 5G architectures and technologies; low cost per gigabit service models
  • 5G backhaul, HetNets and densified networks
  • Spectral efficiencies and availability; 5G wireless and cloud computing
  • 5G for mobile healthcare, transportation and video
  • Economic needs, technical needs and policy implications of 5G
  • Beyond 2020

What is the Network of the Future Documentary Series? 

TIA’s Network of the Future Documentary is an episodic series bringing together the ideas of a vibrant future with the technologies of today.

Episode topics include:

  • Connected Car
  • Data Centers
  • 5G
  • Impact of Natural Resources on ICT
  • EMP Threat & Protection
  • Gigabit Cities
  • Internet of Things

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