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  • TIANOW-Johnsontelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_johnsontelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    Telehealth is the Future

    Congressman Bill Johnson (R-OH) gives a quick history and future lesson in the telehealth sector at TIA's event showcasing the latest e-health technologies. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-Telitpresident2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_telitpresident2015_420x237.jpg

    IoT's One Stop One Shop

    Michael Ueland, President of the Americas for Telit, tells TIA NOW about their one stop one shop approach to the M2M and IoT space. Watch this and more coverage from the deviceWISE Global Summit in Miami, FL. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-paynetelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_paynetelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    Affordable Healthcare A Must

    Congressman Donald Payne, Jr. (D-NJ) says affordability, technology and healthcare are the pillars that must converge for our nation to move forward. Rep. Payne was at TIA's telehealth event showcasing the latest e-health technologies. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-nealtelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_nealtelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    Hurdles for the Telehealth Space

    Executive Director of the HIMSS Foundation’s Institute for e-Health Policy, Neal Neuberger, tells TIA NOW what challenges we face in 2015 in the telehealth space. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-HarperTelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_harpertelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    Gold Standard in Telehealth

    Congressman Gregg Harper (R-MS) says the University of Mississippi set the gold standard in the telehealth space, at TIA's Telehealth event to showcase the latest e-health technologies. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-WelchTelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_welchtelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    Rep. Peter Welch on Telehealth

    Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT) speaks at TIA's telehealth event to showcase the latest e-health technologies and address policy implications. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-ScottTelehealth2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_scotttelehealth2015_420x237.jpg

    TIA's CEO on Telehealth

    TIA's CEO Scott Belcher talks about burgeoning technology sectors in the healthcare vertical at TIA's telehealth event to showcase the latest e-health technologies and address policy implications. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-ILSPakSensePanel2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_ilspaksensepanel2015_420x237.jpg

    TTM and ROI Key for IoT

    Return on Investment and Time to Market is key for enterprises for the IoT ecosystem. Kaz Lawler, CTO of PakSense and David Delarosa of ILS Technology talk to TIA NOW at the deviceWISE Global Summit in Miami, FL. Read more...

    Published: 2 months ago

  • TIANOW-ATAJan232015-420x237.jpg - tianow_atajan232015_420x237.jpg

    Net Neutrality Rules Imminent

    The popularity of net neutrality draws cross partisan support on the Hill, but like most proposed bills from either party, the devil is in the details. In the TIA NOW studio to shed some light on topics including net neutrality, cybersecurity, privacy and immigration reform are Alina Selyukh, a tech/telecom policy reporter for Reuters and Kate Tummarello, who covers tech for POLITICO Pro. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-RFacademicsJan2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_rfacademicsjan2015_420x237.jpg

    Wi-Fi and Cellular Offloading Workshop Primer

    Dr. Michael Dellomo and Dr. Rikin Thakker with RF Academics will update us on the success of Part 1 of their workshop series, and tell us what to expect from the second workshop on Wi-Fi and Cellular Offloading. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-ScottSOTU2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_scottsotu2015_420x237.jpg

    SOTU 2015: TIA’s Response & Statement

    In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, he focused on the importance of broadband, increased cybersecurity, expanding markets and fostering competition. TIA’s CEO, Scott Belcher, recognizes these positive steps forward, but makes a rebuttal to the President’s support of the reclassification of broadband as a Title II utility. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-ScottFTT011615-420x237.jpg - tianow_scottftt011615_420x237.jpg

    ICT New Year’s Resolutions in 2015

    TIA’s New Year’s Resolutions in 2015 focus on topics and issues in the ICT industry that impact our members and the industry. This year there is no shortage of challenges to face in the technology and policy spaces - and TIA’s CEO, Scott Belcher, is front and center to give us his resolutions and predictions for the ICT sector. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-IS011415-420x237.jpg - tianow_is011415_420x237.jpg

    What's the Standard in 2015?

    TIA is known for their work as a standards development organization in the telecom industry - and is plugging their members into what standards work will be done in the coming year. Join TIA NOW as they kick off 2015 with Stephanie Montgomery, Acting VP of Technology and Standards at TIA. Read more...

    Published: 3 months ago

  • TIANOW-BelcherBloombergTitleIIDec2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_belcherbloombergtitleiidec2014_420x237.jpg

    TIA CEO Scott Belcher on Bloomberg TV: "The Internet: Is It a Utility or Not?"

    TIA CEO Scott Belcher weighs in on the net neutrality debate on Bloomberg TV's “In The Loop.” Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-DCworkshophighlights2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcworkshophighlights2014_420x237.jpg

    Highlights from TIA’s Data Center Workshop

    TIA’s Data Center Workshop covered topics around profitability, productivity and efficiency in the data center including sessions on, The New Economics of Data, New Architectures & Cabling in the Data Center and Cybersecurity in the Data Center. Guest speakers and presenters came from companies such as Google, Microsoft, CenturyLink, Dell, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave and many more. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-DCworkshopMicrosoftDell2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_dcworkshopmicrosoftdell2014_420x237.jpg

    Data Center 101

    Leaders from Microsoft and Dell tell us what we should know about our data centers, before we build them. Also, learn what technology and market trends are driving the need for high-density, high-performance solutions in the data center. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-Belcherauctions120414-420x237.jpg - tianow_belcherauctions120414_420x237.jpg

    AWS-3 Spectrum Auction: "A Smashing Success”

    Scott Belcher, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association, says the AWS-3 auction was a “smashing success,” and congratulates those involved in generating $40 billion in revenue. Next on the FCC’s agenda is the broadband spectrum auction, expected to commence in 2016. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-henkelsDCworkshop2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_henkelsdcworkshop2014_420x237.jpg

    Everything As a Service and the Virtual Data Center

    Enterprise IT specialists are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their data center management as everything as a service becomes more available. But how much of your IT should you allow somebody else to manage and what kind of Cloud should you utilize? Join TIA NOW as we speak with David Bracaglia, the Director of Government Services at Henkels & McCoy. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-SolutionSetsNov2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_solutionsetsnov2014_420x237.jpg

    Industry Solution Sets: "Members Get It"

    What are TIA’s solution sets and how are they delivering value through markets, technology and policy? John Jacobs, Vice President of Membership, Market Development and Industry Relations at TIA says solution sets are important to apply to our businesses as our industry continues to change and evolve. Read more...

    Published: 4 months ago

  • TIANOW-TelitGoogle2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_telitgoogle2014_420x237.jpg

    The Telit, Google IoT Challenge

    Telit Wireless Solutions, a global enabler of the Internet of the Things (IoT), recently announced a collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform to launch the first IoT Big Data Challenge, a competition aimed at promoting and accelerating innovation around the Internet of Things. Read more...

    Published: 5 months ago