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  • TIANOW-ManishMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_manishmwc15_420x237.jpg

    NFV Moving at Lightning Speed

    Manish Singh, VP of Product Management for SDN/NFV at Tech Mahindra, tells TIA NOW how network virtualization has come a long way in a very short time. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-CCTATIAMar2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_cctatiamar2015_420x237.jpg

    TIA’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Workshop and CCTA

    The Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s GoMentum Station Summit will co-locate with TIA’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle workshop in Silicon Valley on March 30th and 31st. Randell H. Iwasaki of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Scott Belcher, CEO of TIA, tell TIA NOW why these events are a can't miss. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-FranklinpostshowMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_franklinpostshowmwc15_420x237.jpg

    Dell Wraps Up MWC 2015

    Franklin Flint, Global Telecom Strategist & Marketing Director for Dell OEM Solutions, wraps up MWC 2015 in the Dell booth. He talks about the importance of how an open source and partner ecosystem facilitates technologies like network functions virtualization. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-GENBANDMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_genbandmwc15_420x237.jpg

    Carriers Gaining Ground on OTTs

    Genband’s CEO, David Walsh, tells TIA NOW how carriers can compete with OTTs if they create a network effect. The fring Alliance allows carriers to partner up, creating a much larger network community to offer services that could prove to be more competitive than the OTT sector. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-MWC15montage-420x237.jpg - tianow_mwc15montage_420x237.jpg

    TIA NOW Covers the ICT Industry at MWC 2015

    TIA NOW covered Mobile World Congress once again with industry panels, executive interviews and a whole lot of member interaction. Join TIA NOW as we give you a quick look at our coverage at MWC 2015. Read more...

    Published: 6 months ago

  • TIANOW-CiscoMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_ciscomwc15_420x237.jpg

    Cisco Partners with AT&T in the Connected Car Space

    Cisco takes a leap into the Internet of Everything space with new alliances and partnerships in verticals such as the connected car. Watch TIA NOW’s interview with Doug Webster, VP of Service Provider Marketing at Cisco. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-SonusMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_sonusmwc15_420x237.jpg

    The WebRTC Push

    "It’s important that we move beyond just voice,” said Ray Dolan, CEO of Sonus Networks as he talked about his move towards real time communications at Mobile World Congress 2015. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-MullenDellMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_mullendellmwc15_420x237.jpg

    Time to Partner in Telecom

    On the show floor at Mobile World Congress 2015, Joyce Mullen, VP and GM of Dell OEM Solutions, tells TIA NOW why their partner ecosystem is growing in the telecom sector. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • Arpit_MWC_2015.jpg - arpit_mwc_2015.jpg

    Carriers Need Open Source

    Arpit Joshipura, VP of Product Management at Dell tells TIA NOW at MWC 2015 about the carrier demands for open source technologies. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-IntelALUMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_intelalumwc15_420x237.jpg

    Telecom Moving to a Virtualized Radio Network

    The NFV value chain is enabling the evolution of a virtualized and agile network architecture. In the Dell TIA NOW studio at MWC 2015 are three players in NFV- Intel, Alcatel-Lucent and Mobile Experts - to tell us about NFV solutions for the telecom ecosystem. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-IntelYogaMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_intelyogamwc15_420x237.jpg

    Beyond Building Automation

    The smart home and building is not a new frontier for the tech industry but what’s beyond automation. At MWC 2015 to tell us more about the smart home and building spaces are Priit Vimberg, CEO at YOGA and Ben Tan, Product Manager for Smart Homes of the IoT Group at Intel. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-RedHatTelstraMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_redhattelstramwc15_420x237.jpg

    The Hype Around Hyperscale Clouds

    Cloud and data center providers are keeping pace with the demand for data but how do you manage and orchestrate your network to scale up or down with the demand? At Mobile World Congress 2015, TIA NOW covered the management and orchestration of the hyperscale clouds with Red Hat's CEO Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s Chief Technologist Chris Wright and Telstra’s CTO Vish Nandlall. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-DragonWaveNokiaMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_dragonwavenokiamwc15_420x237.jpg

    Ultra Dense Networks

    What are operators doing to reduce the demands on their macro networks? Kai Sahala of Nokia and Greg Friesen of DragonWave tell us what we need to know. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-AffirmedMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_affirmedmwc15_420x237.jpg

    NFV Market Trends

    What NFV trends are shaping our networks ? Here at MWC 2015 to tell us more about the NFV evolution is Angela Whiteford, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Affirmed Networks. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-ScottMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_scottmwc15_420x237.jpg

    TIA's CEO On Telecom Shift

    TIA's CEO Scott Belcher tells TIA NOW why he thinks the industry is shifting as enterprise players and service providers continue to collaborate and partner. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-FlintpreshowMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_flintpreshowmwc15_420x237.jpg

    Dell TIA NOW Studio Kicks Off MWC 2015

    Franklin Flint, Marketing Strategist for Dell OEM Solutions, sees the value in investing into the biggest mobile event of the year. Join TIA NOW as they talk with Flint about why meeting customers face to face is still the best practice. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-DellRedHatIntelMWC15-420x237.jpg - tianow_dellredhatintelmwc15_420x237.jpg

    Open Source is Paving the Telecom Path

    An agile communications network can’t operate without an open-source cloud computing software platform. Darrell Jordan-Smith, Head of the Communications and Media Vertical at Red Hat, Franklin Flint, Global Telecommunications Strategist & Marketing Director at Dell OEM Solutions and John Healy, General Manager of the SDN Division at Intel tell us more about their open source cloud solutions for the telecommunications vertical. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-FujitsuMWC2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_fujitsumwc2015_420x237.jpg

    C-RAN Fronthaul Takes the Front Seat at MWC 2015

    Wireless is not new to Fujitsu, says Kevin Driscoll, VP of Sales for the Network Communications division of Fujitsu. TIA NOW caught up with Driscoll at Mobile World Congress 2015. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-ScottNNvoteFeb2015-420x237.jpg - tianow_scottnnvotefeb2015_420x237.jpg

    FCC’s Title II Approval Not the End Game

    Scott Belcher, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association, reacts to the FCC’s approval to regulate the Internet as a public utility. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago

  • TIANOW-QualcommTelehealth2014-420x237.jpg - tianow_qualcommtelehealth2014_420x237.jpg

    Qualcomm’s Big Footprint in Telehealth

    Qualcomm’s Program Manager for the telehealth space, Vickie Smith talked to TIA NOW about their expanding footprint in the telehealth sector. This segment was filmed at TIA’s telehealth event focusing on the policy implications in the health vertical. Read more...

    Published: 7 months ago