ICT in 2-Feb 2, 2011

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Thank you for joining us for another edition of ICT in 2, your leading resource for the latest ICT news, I'm Abe Nejad and you can start the clock.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is trying to grab as much spectrum from the government as possible , says industry insiders. FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell said Tuesday that "The administration deserves high marks for trying to scour its inventory of spectrum to bring government-held spectrum to auction."

In other ICT news the FCC commissions USF/compensation overhaul requiring Voice over Internet providers to pay legacy access charges "would be a fundamental mistake," according to the executive director of the Voice on the Net Coalition, Glenn Richards. Verizon and AT&T also stressed the importance of a gradual transition to a new broadband supported regime.

Jumping across town to TIA headquarters, Dan Pigott, Vice President of the Corporate Project Management Office at Henkels and McCoy, an engineering and utility contractor with a long and steadfast reputation for quality and value is now the new and acting chairman of the board at TIA. On behalf of TIA I would like to welcome Mr. Pigott on his two year tenure at our association and we're all very excited for his new appointment.

The Mobile World Congress, an annual event for the mobile industry held in Barcelona Spain will start on February 14th through the 17th and host over 1300 companies and exhibitions. TIA Now will be streaming live with our partner, Telecom TV and talking with TIA's President, Grant Seiffert and Vice President of Market Intelligence, John Jacobs from our "on location" studio.

As a reminder tune in for our live streaming webinar on Feb 23rd on converged networks with an executive panel discussion inviting members of the ICT industry and sponsored by Nokia Siemens Networks.

Thank you for spending part of your day with TIA Now and I'll see you next time for another edition of ICT in 2, so long.

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