Part 5 - The Value Chain: Building Value in the Chain


No matter where you are in the supply chain of the ICT industry, collaboration between your suppliers and customers increasingly dictates the success of your new products and services. The value chain is changing with each cycle, from chip maker to end user and everybody in between. So how does increased collaboration help strengthen your company's position in the marketplace? What is driving a more communicative value chain towards multi-vendor systems and increased demand for heterogeneous technologies and applications? Join TIA NOW as they explore the evolution of yesterday’s supply chain to what’s now known as the Value Chain.

Featured Interviews:

  • Martin Casado, CTO, Networking, VMWare
  • Doug Moore, SVP and COO, Fujitsu Network Communications
  • Pranav Mehta, CTO, Communications & Storage Infras. Group, Intel
  • John Healy, GM, SDN Division, Intel
  • Tim Harden, President, Supply Chain & Fleet Operations, AT&T
  • Minoo Mortazavi, SVP, Systems Manufacturing & Global Supply Chain, Infinera
  • Jennifer Sims, CEO, Power & Tel
  • Mark Walker, President, Walker & Associates
  • Kem Pierce, Global VP, Supply Chain Solutions, Anixter
  • Sandra Rivera, Director, Market Development, Communications & Storage Infras. Group, Intel


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