Part 7 - The Internet of Things: Connecting It All


This documentary on IoT explores the obstacles that the communications ecosystem faces in the race to 20-30 billion connected devices. How are companies dealing with security, scale, cost and the fractured nature of the current IoT landscape? How will businesses leverage the power of data analytics, when not all data is valuable? And how will 5G and standards play a role in the IoT revolution?

Through a series of in-depth conversations, this documentary tackles many essential IoT issues, such as the dynamic nature of wireless networks, radical changes to product development and support, threats posed by cyberattacks, costs and savings associated with IoT projects and more.

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Featured Interviews:

  • Mark Bartolomeo, VP, IoT and Connected Solutions, Verizon
  • Gee Rittenhouse, SVP, Security Business Group, Cisco
  • Tony Shakib, VP, IoE Vertical Solutions Engineering, Cisco
  • Nayaki Nayyar, GM and Global Head of IoT and Innovation GTM, SAP
  • Alon Segal, CTO, Telit
  • Fred Yentz, CEO, Telit IoT Platforms
  • Brian Witten, Senior Director, IoT Security, Symantec
  • Luke D’Arcy, Director, SIG FOX USA
  • Travis Hall, Technology Policy Analyst, NTIA
  • Bill Morelli, Director, IoT, M2M and Connectivity, IHS Research

Network of the Future Documentary Series:

Sponsored by: Cisco, SAP and Telit