R&D Tax Credit, Temp to Perm

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President Barack Obama’s recent release of the “American Jobs Act” is intended to have new ways to encourage innovation and economic growth.  One of the ways that some economist’s feel can help do just that is to reinstate the R&D tax credit and further, to make it permanent to allow companies to plan long term.  With us in our studio is Monica McGuire, Senior Director of Tax Policy for the National Association of Manufacturers and she’s also the Executive Secretary of the R&D Credit Coalition.

Again, Monica McGuire is the Senior Director of Tax Policy for NAM and the Executive Secretary for the R&D Credit Coalition.  You can find this segment on-demand on and look out for our programming Friday with Ret. Rear Admiral Jim McGarrah on the show. Jim is the Director of the Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and he’ll be talking about our upcoming MSTF conference next week on M2M.  Also on Friday we have our live roundtable event with industry journalists, analysts and this time our own TIA Senior Vice President John Jacobs to shed some light on the issues that matter to you.  Again, you can get all of this information on our website at  Thank you once again for watching, so long for now.
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